Toilet Pee Cam Ael

The Old Loser And His Young Mistress

The old slave gets shown once again what it means to serve a young arrogant mistress. She doesn’t care about his old bones, he has to parry like a well-trained slave. Their orders are sharp and do not tolerate any gimmicks the slave with other mistresses from time to time allowed. Here he is brought to life, every command is executed immediately, he is spat at, kicked, beaten, flogged, trampled and used as a living toilet. Lady Domi is a master of the old one and treats him like crap. He does everything for her and still only gets her piss and shit as a reward.

Mistress Gaia – Always Ready

You must always be ready for me, at all, to every thing that your Mistress orders to you, you can’t just look at my beautiful ass, but you also have to learn to get my shit in your useless mouth!

Amateur Chick With Big Ass Shitting

Amateur chick with big ass shitting