Toilet Pee Teenage

Pooping In The Bath

I walk into the bathroom and strip off my short, tight blue dress and start climbing into the bath. I sigh with pleasure at the feeling of the warm water covering my skin. I just lie back for a minute, enjoying the feeling before I start washing my body with shower gel, moaning a little as I rub the shower gel into my sensitive tits. Then I giggle and apologise because a little bit of pee just came out. I hope you don’t mind! I actually kind of need a shit but I think I can hold it. I carry on washing myself before eventually telling you that I can’t hold it anymore, I hope you don’t mind but i’m going to do it in the bath. I pick the camera up and bring it in close to my ass and start pushing. Two small logs come out and float up to the surface of the bath. I follow them with the camera, giggling and pushing them around with my fingers until I realise I should probably clean this up!

256 Maggiordomo By Mistress Isabella

Here we are with a new long long video all in italian language abouth a new butler coming into one of my apartments to clean and…. to be an house wc steward (but he do not know that). If you do not understand italian you may be very bored abouth… or you can decide i will be your italian’s teacher. MP4

Giantess Diamond Jewel Makes A Gift For One Of Her Subjects!!

Diamond Jewel is back with another adventure!! She has another slave named Alexandre who has also been shrunken. He enjoys watching Diamond in the bathroom. Enjoy as she seductively teases Alexandre. She knows he likes to watch her take a Shit ! She is 5?10? in real life, but like 32 feet tall to the now shrunken Alexandre! Enjoy as she shows off wearing nothing but a thong and high heels. Eventually she takes all off but the high heels and spreads that big, juicy ass of hers right in his face!! She even spreads that asshole of hers he so enjoys watching the browns fall out of! Don?t you wish you were Alexandre? You Can be if you ask correctly! Giantess Diamond decided to make a special video for one of her subjects. enjoy as she teases him wearing only heels and thong, then eventually only the heels!! Just as he loves she makes him ?Scatail? of sorts by shitting in a cup for him in two different scenes. Then she offers him a toast! Enjoy this sexy scat and seduction all in one!!

Mistress Isabella Taste

060.3 Have a nice night with this superb ending of video 060. I’m Italian, you know, Italians do it better, let you see all Italian Style in the ART of Scat. May be if you will come to me in Sardinia i will learn you Italian so you can have a nice holiday and study the language!!!!!!!!