Toilet Poop Fart

Mesmerize Poo

I arrive home with my already dirty asshole but I just have time to put a very crazy effect to my camera as if my big Italian sit was the source of this brightness and you were lying under me or directly my personal toilet … I push and a big soft poo falls over your face … you will be mesmerized by my big perfect ass and by this very special effect …

Mistress Roberta -clean My Socks And Ass Before Breakfast

Today my pot will have great breakfast before actually eating he will feel all kind of strong tastes first my sweat from my old socks and after the sweaty ass taste to be licked clean before and after breakfast and finally i pee on his face and shit in his mouth pushing down the shit with my hand so he can swallow better and even push it by foot, enjoy.

Slave Meal In Nescafe Bottle

I have a request those days from a scat fan of mine and we want to sending him my fresh shit live through postal express. Of course i cannot refuze to make a nice meal for my fans, and i shit into a Nescafe bottle and pee in a glass for sending him later. Enjoy your meal darling . ..

Girl Terror In The Classroom

Some students blaspheme together with the teacher about the director. What they do not know, I hear with my girlfriends every word and of course we use this opportunity for our fun. Now they are in our hands, not willing that the director gets to know.Cherie and Jane get a feet massage, another classmate must lick the chalkboard. Miss Cherie is uncomfortable after I order the teacher to drink his own urine. She pukes a student on the head what he and the others then have to lick. In addition, we make a joke of it to trample our victims and spit at them. All in all a very funny lesson for us girls. *smile*