Toilet Seat Shit

Big Butt Shitting

Millie spreads her big butt wide and releases some smelly shits.

Mistress Anna – Eat Shit Dog

She handed the plate to me and said, I need to take a shit,and I want all of it on this plate. Do you understand? she asked.I lowered my head and nodded obediently.Are you ready Toilet? she asked.YYY… Yes Mistress, I replied.I held the plate beneath her, watching her anus open up as shelet out a sigh of relief and delivered a fat, 8 inch long, hard,chunky slab of her warm fudge onto the plate I was holding. After afew seconds she told me to put the plate down.Then she raised up a bit and said, Pull my cheeks apart andlick my asshole clean. I struggled against my wrist restraints togently separate her cheeks so I could lick her butthole clean.When youhave the honor and privilege of using your tongue as a woman’s wipeyou had better learn to dive it deep into her and lick and suck herhole completely clean before you kiss her cheeks clean.Hold that plate in your hands, she ordered. I struggled tolean over and pick it up without further hesitation, my hands tetheredonly a foot from my chin. NOW EAT IT! she exclaimed! I trembled atthe thought.OPEN YOUR MOUTH, she ordered as she nudged my head forwardwith her crop, pushing my agape lips right to the surface of herdelicacy on the plate.TAKE A BIG BITE, she directed.My tongue slipped between it and the plate, lifting it up andguiding it past my lips and into my mouth until I possessed a mouthfuland could take no more. Then I bit through the chunky slab and closedmy lips. She then used the crop under my chin to push my head back,and then around, so that I was looking up at all the women there asshe said, Chew with your mouth closed and don’t stop until I tell youto! I dutifully obeyed, chewing her chunky present into a soft mushfor what must have been five minutes.Then she stood in front of me, playing with the shocker shehad so earnestly tortured me with, and gave her harshest order yet.SWALLOW IT TOILET!

Shitty Pantie Swap!

Danni and Jessie have been lesbian lovers for some time. They are being as dirty as ever, filling their panties with huge loads of shit. Only this time they take things one step dirtier! The girls swap their panties and masturbate and make out in each others shit!Only available for a short time on download before being only available in a DVD package. You do not want to miss it!

Shitty Lunch

Hey this is a lunch you dont wanna miss. Mistress Raw Desires invites you to have lunch with her.. Tune in as she drops a big turd on some fries and pisses on the toast and on the side she has some shit juice for you to drink…