Toilet Shit Farting

Ass Worship/humiliation Smear

Don’t you love my big, round ass? I never show it enough in my other videos so here’s a chance for you to worship it. I love shaking it and reminding you that pathetic boys like you don’t get to touch it.

Mistress Roberta – Worshiping, Farting And Diarrhea Play – Part2

I send the slave to get the condom for the big black dildo he will suck for a while and after i put the potty chair over his head and pee and shit on his face but nut untill i take first a shit hand and smear it on the dildo and make him suck it deep after i shit all of it and i smear his body all with shit and make him suck more the shit dildo.

Horny Close-up Of Crapping

Since my Kackloch was already smeared with shit, as it already 🙂 squeezed as I had with the camera design but hurry! And so I put it under my Kackloch.Eine great close-up is thus created 😉 At the end, there’s a tour of my pile :-))