Toilet Shitting Shits

A Double Dose Of Shit

What luck for the slave. Today he is allowed to eat his fill, because he gets the shit served by two mistresses. And fresh from the source!It starts with my girlfriend Contessa Calucci, who makes herself comfortable over the slave and places a really nice sausage on his face. Then it’s my turn. I put a really big portion of shit in his mouth. The sow can not swallow everything and must choke. But there is no mercy. What has gone wrong, I stuff him back in his mouth. And so it slides better, I piss him with a powerful beam in his toilet mouth.

015. Scat By Mistres Isabella

015. My dear, i’m giving you long videos of scat with my slaves, i can not make you lower price because the prices are fixed by yezz, this is the minder i can do for 29 min of video. If you like to have shorter videos write me, i will cut and put on yezz. Tis is a vering intresting and real scat session. Have a nice time! MP4.

Diarrhea Rinse Down The Drain

After my shit in the tub is of course the mess down the drain befödert.Schau how I place the shower and slowly destroy the brown sauce.