Toilet Slave Facesitt

Sexy Goddess Toilet Slave

Real shit eater serve me as a toilet! My human toilet eating everything I drop in his toilet mouth. I am pissing and shitting his mouth and make him swallow. He is just a facking toilet and nothing more! Have you ever want to be my toilet?

Mistress Gaia – Human Toilet Training

ITALIAN SPOKEN – This human toilet being needs to continue his training. After filling his bowl with my divine piss and letting him lick a little ‘, I will shit inside, creating a special cocktail of urine and shit. He will have to continue to drink and lick, while I, sitting comfortably, ignore him chatting and talking on a cell phone.

Today It Was Very Difficult For Him!

Today it was very difficult for him! Amina and Lisa did not shit 4-5 days! Today he experienced real suffering – the shit was hard and swallowed very hard – but he did it and the girls were satisfied!

Toilet Brush – It Hurts!

Toilet brush – it hurts! The sauna was very big and the girls hid in different rooms and they had to be found! Feeding the toilet brush – one of the most painful feeding. The mouth is like a fire – the sharp ends of the brush are sucked into the delicate skin of the mouth and tongue – tastes and sensations are at the limit of the possible! But this is not safe, since the slave is completely defenseless against the bacteria of the girls.