Toilet Slave Grafiti

Ashtray And Full Shit Eating With Scat Goddess

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Scat Girl And Morning Dirty Cigarette

Morning dirty cigarette-Slowly shit out of my ass

First Experience

At first some words about me…I am a real amateur girl, in case you don’t believe,.. really, I don’t care. I am a quite bright student, and I speak seven languages…I am not some stupid cunt. I already have tried out lots of things like e.g. BDSM, femdom, M/S,… you name it, but I’d never tried to do something with scat…I like to watch scat porn videos, but I really was afraid to do it by myself. Finally I did it. It was something new and unusual, but I like it. Something had happed that surprised me; it was a strong orgasm. Ok I have orgasm, but that one came very quickly and was soooo strong. One thing was boring, the location, a bathroom of my friends. The toilet was out of order. Next time I will try somewhere different….I really wonder about your experience… hope someday I will find out.