Toilet Slave Pee Funnel

Straight To The Point

Lola does not waste any time getting to the point. Great view of her ass, she does a nice poo on the floor, wipes her ass then try to push out some more.

278 Mistress Isabella: Tickling Double Pee

278. Beautifull video, 24 minutes of tickling, pissing, bondage. I do in August 2017 but I have not time to publish before. It is done during a 24/7 by me in Sardinia…. Mp4

Diarrhea Sealed Mouth – Black Diarrhea

After we get such a good response from our first sealed mouth scat movie and a lot of request to do more of them – here the new movie is. Diarrhea Sealed Mouth Black Diarrhea. Top Girl Emilia and Natasha Grof in our newest movie. The story is a love story with a lot of pee and around 4 times diarrhea. The actress REALLY drunk castor oil ( rizinus oil ) because she liked to make big Scat for us. Natasha real swallow the stuff!! So lets see if this film will be such a good like the first one.

The Doll Who Eats Shit (custom Video)

My slave had a strong desire and I tried to make it true. Before having a scat session with me, he wanted me to do a video in which I would reserve a bad treatment at a plush. He asked me to make shit above and to show it to the camera. This time the victim was the plush. Next time – I swear – it will not be a doll to eat my shit!