Toilet Spycam Piss Pee

Au Boulot

Hi guys and dolls. This video is a special at work. I never did that, so it’s a new concept! We chat a little, then we choose the toilet of the shooting. I show you the places then I drop my tights, my panties and the magic operates. A flow of caviar comes next. Without forgetting to show everything before rubbing. Kisses

23q6 P1 – Eat Shit

Iam together with Lady Marie and one of my new a toilet slave. Marie is using the toilet slave for her first time today. She is very cheerful and we laugh a lot and use the slave how we want before he get our shit.

Dinner On The Street

Our dirty cur does still not know, how to pamper Miss Jane and me with a nice cake. As a reminder we just crushed his meal on the street, peed in his dirty mouth and then let him slurp up all the rest from the concrete, while we kicked his balls repeatedly.Our cur has to improve – but anyway we will use his mouth as toilet. *smile*

Diana Telephione Piss

Diana is just pissing on her slave while speaking on the phone with a friend!