Toilet Spycams Girls Shitting

Shit From Ass3

I really want to shit. I open my legs wide and start to shit. shit from my ass can be seen close-up. now I smear the shit on my body.

Toilet Time 13

DAMN!! I left one massive mess in the toilet this morning. I know you’d love to be on the receiving end of my ass when I have these big & nasty shits sweetie but believe me. You can be glad you weren’t. A smell that can drop a horse that you’ll never believe came out of a pretty girl with a revolting big shit. People think pretty girls can’t push out such nasty shit but trust me we can! Don’t believe me? Watch this clip and see for yourself ;-)Please take note:My Toilet Time Series clips will ALWAYS be affordable (2.99 or lower) EXCLUSIVE to to ensure everyone can afford to enjoy clips of women shitting.I don’t use a regular toilet often (that’s what my slave’s mouth is for) but for you who thought I forgot how to use a regular toilet these clips are a must see 🙂


All I can say about this clip is….I dare you not to jerkoff to it!! Looks like Grace was supposed to meet up with a human toilet of hers, but he flaked on her. Rather than let all that poop she held for two days go to waste, she decided to let us all see what he missed out on! I just want to say to the asshole that didn’t show up for your appointment – on behalf of myself and all my customers – THANK YOU!!!Just when I thought she’s done it all, Grace returns with another video which made me name her Goodness Gracious to begin with!!! She continues to outdo herself…Grace was feeling real sexy. Enjoy as she starts off in her basketball shorts like a sexy tomboy, lowering them just enough to see the crack of her juicy ass before pulling those shorts back up…The way her ass looks even in those shorts….man! Then enjoy as she drops trou and lets that ass shake for a while to the music. She tells the story about what happened. Then Enjoy as she puts on a show like never seen before on My Site… I swear she must have two days of pee in her too!! This is a scat and pee lovers dream clip!!! WTF was that guy thinking missing out on this load!? Don’t you wish it was you instead???


Mary is sexy running shit in her pants;)