Toilet Te Spy At Women Peeing

Nothing Special. Just Scat Fivesome. Part 3

Nothing special here. Just scat Fivesome. Walk further.Enjoy:)

Shitting In A Paperbag

Shitting in a paperbag

Madams Test The Brand New Slaves!

They are known for supplying the highest quality of slaves in the city and these new recruits have gone through hell during their training. The final test however is brutal; the agency’s top bosses, the madams, will have to break them in to see if they are really ready to be sent to their VIP clients. So these boys are put in masks and placed beneath the portable toilets. The madams go around and randomly sits on the toilets to see how well these boys can swallow shit. These newbies are also given a generous dose of piss; they should be able to handle all kinds of bodily wastes and fluids that clients will dump on them!

Monica In The Toilet At Night

Monica night, she awakened by severe abdominal pain. She groans and moans, hard heap! Finally, there is a beautiful shit!!!