Toilette Humiliation 92

Ultimate humiliation! Real!Latrinenknecht Joschi is in the disco toilet humiliated by the real ladiesHanna and Princess Diabolaa. The two young cruel sadists make their slaves to clean the dirty men all over the disco toilet. First, the brush with Joschi abestandener Männerpisse flooded bathroom floor with toilet paper shreds. Then they order him to lick the piss floor with his tongue. Press his head with her high heels firmly into the Pissioar. The unbearable stench of rancid Männerpisse deposited dirt and leaves him almost vomit. Humiliation to all come to even a few male visitors to the disco events, the more verbally humiliate him and taunt. One even peed Joschi while licking the latrine, still in the Pissioar.

Toilette Humiliation  92

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Studio: Toilette Humiliation