Toilette Humiliation 97

Wants Joschi got nothing to eat for days and noticed how his mistress Princess Diavola their remains disposed of from the previous day in the toilet. Immediately, he crawls over to her and begs to be allowed to eat the remains of at least. The arrogant young dark Princess eats with relish before his eyes a bit and then has mercy on him. Joschi may eat: the remains of shellfish from the toilet. Siw throws the pieces of pizza in the shell and commands it Joschi eat. It expresses the cruel sadist nor his head with her shoe deep into the toilet shell. She spits a few times as a seasoning it and finally she realizes that she needs to pee. Since Joschi is ever just because that just increases gipsy mistress about him and pees on his head in the toilet-shell. Then have dirty mouth Joschi must also eat at their command, of course, also continue, the pizza with the piss out of the toilet-shell. Flushes to complete his satanic young lady still with the toilet flushing the head.

Toilette Humiliation  97

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