Tolit Cam Pooping

Doctor Makes Housecall For Scat Test!

Scared that she might be sick, this pretty girl calls the doctor and asks him to visit her at home. Unknown to her, the doc is like a dirty old man who does questionable methods when checking his patients. He asks her to remove her skirt and panties so he can check out her asshole. He shoves his face in between her ass cheeks to lick and smell her cunt and anus. He makes her shit and he gathers the scat into a container. He hikes up her skirt and smears the shit all over her tits before sucking them.

Bizarre Fuck With Tattooed Guy – 2

My wife, a handsome tattooed guy and a lot of pee and poop.

Shitting From The Ladder

I’m outdoor in my backyard and feel the strong urge to poop! Well… why not shit from my ladder?