Tolite Panty Pee

Abducted Man Has To Drink The Piss Of A Dozen Women!

There is a cult composed only of women who are terrorizing the city. What they do is that they abduct unsuspecting men for their unpleasant rituals! In this situation, this unlucky guy is the victim and he is bound to a contraption! Unable to move, there is nothing that he could do to contest the situation! As a result, the sweethearts easily gather around him and attach tubes, which are connected to the man’s mouth, to their pussies! Not long after, they simultaneously urinate, causing the victim to helplessly gulp down the piss of a number of women! When they are finished, another group of sweethearts do the same thing on the guy!

Mistress Fuck Slave Asshole Then Scat Feeding

Mistress is back in business with her personal toilet slave. Today before they become dirty, she use his mouth for other bizarre things. She put her huge strapon deep into toilet mouth to learn how to suck a huge cock. Then she fuck his ass and fist deep his asshole for her pleasure. After this treatment, toilet slave was ready for his fate : full toilet slavery . . .and another meal directly from source !! Goddess put a skirt and shit directly into toilet mouth . .. then she talking with her toilet for better future solutions for feeding.

Shitting In A Bowl

Shitting in a bowl (JJ000513)

Soft And Squishes Shit With Gloves Plus Dirty Talk

Add the onion and cream schnitzel always carry with me to the fact that I have at least two hours later on the toilet. And then it is always really soft. I take my gloves off and crush the soft shit really nice in the hand and tell you how cool it would lick it.