Tonguer Pee Hole

Toilet Slave Swallows Alina’s Shit

Toilet slave swallows Alina’s shit

Dumping Darling’s Walmart Dump!!

Enjoy this nice quick clip we made as Dumping Darling had to take a quick shit while we were out shopping. We were on our best behavior this time though!! Enjoy as she drops trou and I record the pee coming out from between her legs!! Oh the smell was horrid!! A nice quick and easy pee and pl0p session in a public toilet!!

Upset Stomach Contents Discharged Into Slaves Mouth

The prisoner is locked in his cell. He is humiliated by the cruel prison warden. She has an upset stomach and the acid is burning in her stomach. She needs to release this upset scat and the best place to get rid of this stomach bug is into the prisoners pathetic mouth. After consuming her bacteria he obeys her orders and cleans her up before being humiliated more as a show of the only appreciation he deserves. *SPECIAL DISCOUNT*