Too Girl Shitting

Three Ladies Enema And Poop Smearing! – Part 1

Part 1 – Three ladies are cuddling together until they reach the peak of their urges. By then, one of them is bent over and gets her asshole rubbed and finger fucked! Shortly after, she is made to pee and defecate into a glass bowl! When she could no longer release anymore, another sweetheart is made to do the same!

Smoke Hookah And Taste My Smelly Shit

I smoke hookah and playing with big toy dick. I dip it deep into my wet pussy and suck it. I’ve gotta shit so bad, I can’t keep it in anymore! I crap a HUGE load, leaving me all messy, and hot, my pussy creaming all over. It smells very good. You should clean me up back there 😉 mmm, it’s delicious 😉 I’m sure you can’t resist tasting it yourself now. Huh? You eat the rest then, you piggish shit eater!

Peeing On Her Feet

Peeing on her feet (JJ000246)

Mistress Gaia – Feeds Her Slave

A video truly unique: without any fiction stage, I feed my slave with my warm shit. All true, authentic! And, finally, the slave will have to lick even the plate. For scenes of authentic coprophilia, the video is only recommended to lovers of the genre.