Trans Drinking Piss

Outdoor Shithole

It is such a warm day, and my slave is putting tanning spray on my legs. So for a job well done, I decide to reward him with a fresh drink from my pussy. After having served him his reward I pull out my birth control ring, and have him suck and clean it full of my pussy juices.But the reward is not yet finished, so after he has licked all my pee from the floor, I decide to feed him as well.I have him lay beneath me, and I shot a big pile in his dirty mouth. I make it clear that he must consume everything, this is after all his food. I will feed him nothing but my bodily gifts!

A Huge Diarrhea In Bathtub

Huge Diarrhea from Godess alone in bathtub !

Bathroom Servant – Pee In Mouth – Part 1

HD 1280×720, time 19:02. Weronika is pissing to man mouth in bathroom. She has sexy black shiny body, stockings and high heels. That is amazing view when she peeing.

Shitting Again Thick Sausage In Xxl Rubber

What an awesome thing, the rubber must be stretched !