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Smell My Plastic Panties

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The Face Slapping Support Part 6 Andrea

We put the Man into a Barril and support the Feeding with Bitch Slapping him. The Problem however, Karina slaps so hard, it hurts like Hell. Our man totally freaked out and one would ask, what is worse for him, the Brown Shower or the Slapping. The he also gets some Nasty Surprises, which causes Laughing and Screaming. He bites, screams, beats inside the Baril and at last cries like a Baby. No Mercy here and much less from Karina ! Party is on !English Subtitles

Driver Gets To Taste Rich Girl’s Puke And Shit! – Part 2

She jerks hard on his cock to make him rock hard and ready for her! She lowers her mouth and takes him deep in her throat, sucking his shaft like there’s no tomorrow!

Locked Up Slave Eats Fresh Shit!

Schoolgirl is visiting her locked up slave where she delivers him fresh shit from her ass served in a bowl. But before she serves it to her slave of course he has to clean her ass hole first! After he cleans her ass then he is ordered to eat his Mistress’s shit mixed with her piss!