Ttaking Outdoor Pee

The Shit Of The Princess…

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Desperate Ballerina

A ballerina is getting ready for her first performance on stage, dressed in a pink tutu, leotard and tights!She is nervous and excited, but…she needs desperate to pee! She enjoys the feeling of holding it, but the recital gets delayed because the act before is taking much longer than expected! She wants to go to the bathroom, but its occupied! Now she is in trouble…seems the only way for her is to wet her ballerina tights! And a river of warm pee goes down her legs making a huge puddle on the floor! She is soo embarrassed …wetting herself in front of all other girls! But it also makes her very horny..and she starts playing with her wet pussy through the leotard !

Outdoor Piss Bitch

outdoor piss bitch

She Shits In Her White Pantyhose (avi)

yes, these are the same pantyhose that are up for auction.. you nasty fuck, you wanted to be able to sniff and lick my ass, but i wont let you. But you will still be in heaven, just knowing you can have my soiled pantyhose.. you want them bad dont you.. first i show you the pantyhose then I begin to poop in them and you can here my moans and then I show you the stinky pile in my pantyhose. Some even falls to the floor.. afterwards, i stomp the poo in the upcoming clips…