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Human Slave Drenched In Piss! – Part 2

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Housewife Enjoys Scatting For Cash!

It’s easy money – all she has to do is get naked and shit to his heart’s content. She needs the extra cash, that’s for sure. So she takes off her clothes and shows off her small but perky tits. She takes off her panties and shows off the smooth folds of her cunt. She squats over the glass bowl and pisses on it first. After a few minutes, she ejects small chunks of shit. He is so turned on that he asks her to suck his cock, promising to add more cash. She obliges and then shits some more after she’s done sucking him. She waits for him cough up the cash so she can get dressed and go home to her family.



Birdview Shitfeeding Part1

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