Turns To Piss

Hotel Shit

My wife liles to make poop in hotel bathroom.

Free Toiletslave Experience Each Month For Our Customers!

We made each month a contest between our customer of our website for giving 1 free real toiletslave experience or 1 free poop by mail 🙂 for February the winner have choosen real experience and have choosen Kathleen for filling her throat with spit,shit and piss, she have to whip her and trample her for he stop moving and crying like a baby haha

Pee Into Buntler Mouth

149.2 And now a very close up pissing directly into the mouth of my boutler. MP4

12.164 Hard Italian Turd

12.164 Hard Italian turd is the perfect title for this clip, you have to wait to see the turd and after the turd appears so big and so hard! And it come out lucly!