Twik Shitting

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I was recently back at my favorite lake to swallow there again a lot of sperm and piss. I love it when many cocks cum and piss me in my mouth. Here Andy-Star, on the lake in front of spectators, first gave me a deepthroat and then he pissed me nicely in my mouth. Of course I swallowed everything greedy again. From next week will make again public actions for everyone at the lake. So be there and piss and cum me in my mouth,too!

Inlet With My Pee

My – anal Sub – must wait on all fours in the shower with me. I have given him a very large funnel. My instruction to him: Put the funnel in your useless ass and wait for my body warm pee enema! This Pee experience I then missed him. His ass was literally flooded my delicious Pee

Golden Shower Humiliation In Latex

Defenseless packaged in latex takes my divine rubber ass on the slave’s face space . After intensive Atemreduktion when Facesitting I open the rubber bag and my zipper between my legs . Now I let endless pee raining on the slaves and give a Jerk of Instruction me to spray on my bare feet ! [ SM Studio Femdom Empire ]

Big Yummy Shit!

Bella is shitting a long, big delicious scat.. why there is no toilet slave under my ass, who eats my shit?? its so much beautiful to see, how the shit come out….