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3 Dominas Shit And Piss 2 Toilet Slaves In The Mouth! Part 2

Here you can see the second part of a total of 3 parts from the 33 minute full movie 3 Dominas shit and piss 2 toilet slaves in the mouth

A Pervert Desire – Swallow Shit!

I have a toilet slave and I use him everywhere. He is very obedient and accustomed to serving me in my toilet. First I give him a lick of my dirty shoes, so that he cleanses them with his tongue to shine. Then he starts to lick my asshole until I tell him stop! After this word, he opens his mouth and waits for me to fill his mouth with my shit. I like to talk with slave at this moment and look him straight in the eye when a huge smelly poo comes out straight from my ass in his throat. Do you really like that? This is your pervert desire and it’s all in your mind!

Lenka Piss And Ass 01

First Lenka piss in his mouth, then she and her girlfriend let slave Tomi lick her asshole!