Two Japanese Girl Shitting On Plate

Kazusa Is A Turd Empress – Part 1

The Master ordered Kazusa to strip naked, so he can watch her beautiful asshole open as it unleashed what could be the biggest set of turd he has seen in a while. The smell was amazing, strong and pungent, and her diet was well-suited for his lovely desires. Kazusa squelched the warm turd between her fingers and started smearing herself with it, getting turned on by the musty smell with each passing second. The Master smiled said that she should smear it next to her skin, like the best lotion money can buy.

Okada Emi Pooping 2

Okada Emi inserts a suppository in her anus which later starts to twitch and fart before releasing a seemingly endless stream of poop. Several times she thinks itÂ’s over but more poop comes out. Nice views of her pink gaping anus. Multi-angle views.

Earning Money To Pay For School! – Part 2

He catches her wet shit on a plate, getting as much of the scat as he can. He makes her taste it, her own shit. He puts some on his hands and smears it all over her bouncy tits!

Emmy 18 Y.o. Teen Turds…

A christmas special produced by sweet College Teen Emmy. An Malibu Beauty..And a girlfriend of Emmy is shitting too! – Two College Sweeties first on camera!