Two Nurses Fill A Man’S Stomach With Their Piss! – Full Movie

For these two nurses, it is their lucky day! They have been assigned to a patient whom is a man they have been looking for since he has unpaid debts! They do not deal with him lightly despite being under the care of the hospital! They begin with cuffing him to the bed and attaching a contraption on his mouth that keeps it wide open! Using tubes, they connect their pussies to his mouth and then begin urinating! There is nothing that he could do but swallow every drop! When they couldn’t release anymore, they direct their attention to his dick and give him a handjob while they wait for their bladders to get filled! Not long after, they put him on the floor and then continue with pissing in his mouth using tubes! After they could no longer urinate, they sit on his mouth and feed him with their wet pussies! They take turns getting on top of him and rubbing back and forth! When their bladders have rejuvenated its contents again, they proceed to piss on his face! Since some got into his nose, the victim opens his mouth to grasp for air, however, this only caused him to swallow mouthfuls of urine! This time, after they empty their bladders, they leave him alone.

Two Nurses Fill A Man’S Stomach With Their Piss! - Full Movie

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Studio: Toilet Slaves Scatology