Two Pregnant Asin Piss Ane Shiter

Mistress Anna – Foul Shit

My toilet is already waiting for me on the ground, just like every morning I feel like using it.I’ve put some rings around it’s cock, so it can be aroused longer, and for me to show it, that this cock belongs to me. I lock its hands and proceed to kick it and tease it. I’ve trained it so well, that it gets aroused only from my smell and taste. I proceed to sit on the toilet, while instructing it to sniff and lick. It lubricates my ass so that I’ll have an easier time pushing out, and it can taste, the breakfast whitch I’m about to serve, from the source. And finaly, the moment it is alive for arrives! I get to shit in its mouth, and it can consume my presious waste. After that I start disciplining it. The only time I allow erections, cumming and pleasure is with my shit in its mouth. I milk it while explaining what it is to me:a toilet, a subhuman and a most loyal slave. It has a hard time to cum, because of the rings, but at this point I’ve already lost interest in milking it. Keeping slaves in denial is a good way to have them obsess over me. I slap it some more, and spit in its mouth, as I am a merciful Goddess and that’s all the appreciation the toilet will ever get from me.

Dirty Games In The Girls School

Today in the girls school we go really dirty. In biology class, the teacher is taken by surprise, Lady Chantal shits on the his desk while the other girls maltreat the teacher. The girls allow the teacher to eat the fresh pile of shit.Also Miss Jane is suddenly standing on the table and shits the teacher directly on his head. Miss Cherie asks him to lie down under a small table so they can sit comfortably while she pees him a big load of piss directly into his mouth. After the lot of the shit has been taken up by the teacher, the girls go laughing to the break.

Pissed Off Wife Scats On Husband! – Full Movie

He is spending the family budget on gambling and booze and I’m having none of it! Punish him, I must! I commanded him to lie down on the floor and lay still. I squatted above his face and unloaded a huge chunk of shit on his face! Then I made him clean my filthy asshole with his tongue!

Princess Nikki Drunk Shitting

Princess Nikki was so drunk tonight, but she still loved to use a human toilet!