Uckingwhile Shitting

Evil Nurse Spits And Pisses On Helpless Patient! – Part 1

So whenever he’s helpless, she makes sure she makes his life difficult. She hold his mouth open so she can spit into his pathetic mouth. She makes sure that he swallows all her sticky spit, even her snot when she feels like it.

The Dog Bowl Is Full Of Shit

Ah i knees in my white Nylons over the Dog Bowl….i must to much shitting!! He comes soft big sausages and thin shit at the end!! The Bowl is full of my shit…..come and eat this very very big portion KV!! You are my Slave,my Dog he must make what i want,im your Mistress!!

Piss Swallow -diana-j’rgen Scene-1

Great Peemovie with lot of pee on each other and real good acteurs.

Human Toilet Paper

I want to go to the toilet and you have to come with me in the bathroom! I’m sitting down on the toilet and i throw my panty in your face! Then you have to wait until my pee will be in the toilet! Now it’s your turn! You have to lick my pussy clean! You are my human toilet paper! Lick my dirty pussy and clean it! I’ll show you with my fingers where is pee anymore! Your penis is too small and so you are only my licker slave! I laugh abot you, little loser! Lick my pee away! And after that lick my ass and i will cum.