Ukingnup Shit

164 Pov Verbal Humiliation Shit And Piss

I am taking a shit and piss while explaining where is your place !

The Lovers Quarrel Escalated! Full Movie

FULL MOVIE – Young couple was arguing, they were fighting, screaming and punching each other! She fall on the floor screaming and he on top, just the sight that the girl’s friends see when they walk in the room! HE IS IN DEEP SHIT!!! They push him off her, ganging up on him they started kicking and punching the poor man! SHE SET HIM UP! He receives a hard core beating and kicking all over his body and his head with the girls hard shoes! They then take turns pissing on him and pushing his face against the floor to lick off the dropage piss!

Shit Phew, Fat Shit In The Tub

This went faster than I had thought so … keep ass on the cold edge of the bathtub, beautiful in the camera, especially for you 🙂 And then just looking for the first piece of my shit into the camera and then :-), then it’ll jerk twitch .. down in the bathtub. Of course, I show you the end result .. full of fat turd! It could be your so please, join if you dare!