Ukreanean Girl Shitting

Domi And Kimi Scat And Vomit Humilation-domi Only

Today Domi and Kimi visit a new slave at his hotel. he wanted them to shit and puke in his mounth and stuff every peace of shit and vomit deep in his throat. A very intensive and agresive clip! enjoy it!This is the clip part futuring Domi only

Training To Be A Scat Mistress!

After convincing his pretty secretary to be his mistress, now it’s time to train her how to please him! Fucking is not enough for him; he needs lots of shitting and pissing! He makes her take off her clothes and display her body in its full glory. He makes her lean forward and thrust ass out right on top of his face. She heaves several times and showers him with warm piss. She heaves again and produces nuggets of shit right into his mouth!

Poop Mouth

she spreads his mouth open so he does not miss a drop of her poo