Unexpected Pee

My Special Scat Shake

Today I prepare a very special scat shake for you! First I take a creamy shit, then piss into my beaker and finally mix my piss with my shit! That’s some cocktail you want to try 🙂

Sneaker In Toilet! Big Boooom!

my sneakers in the toilet! accompany me, I feel them perfectly! My pieces are falling with great speed into the bucket, is loooooud and juicy

Scat Direct Into Mouth – Xtra Large – By Mikaela Wolf

One of the best movies for me since the last time. Top Girl Melania use the bath from her girlfriend Mikaela. Mikaela gets angry and pee and shit in her mouth.Very big X-tra Large scat go direct into mouth after 10min. Before she pee 2 TIMES in her mouth. Lot of pee and big Scat make this movie perfect. Luxus girls, luxus location, big scat and pee – so what need more for an perfect movie?This movie is filmed in cinema Quality and belongs to our – CINEMALINE!

Human Public Toilet Volume 7

It’s not just schoolgirls that take great pleasure out of using the public human toilet. There are many types of women that come from far and wide to use this unique orifice. Today it is a business woman who is a regular visitor to this attraction. She lifts the chain and the human toilet appears ready to consume her load. She squats down and we get perfect views of her sweetness being pushed out and into the slaves mouth. For this visit, the log of shit is too long to fit into the slaves mouth and so she uses her finger to poke it all into his mouth to ensure there is no wastage.