Unwanted Piss Unwanted

Creamy Panties + Shitting On The Counter Top

These panties get so lovely and creamy and wet from my hot juicy pussy. I rub myself while wearing them and really get in the mood for something dirty and fun! I even playfully lick the creamy scented gusset to get in the mood a little more. ——————————————–I push my round jiggly ass against the top of my bathroom counter and decide to shit THERE would be more fun that the toilet or even the floor. I get up on there to get a better angle and you watch my asshole up close pushing out some thick logs. All without even taking off my creamy panties! ————————————————–I’m not quite satisfied in my dirty play though. I want MORE and I think you do too. I pull the side of my panties up into my dirty ass crack and give myself a thick shit wedgie >:D Once I’m thoroughly messy, I pull of my panties and show off the cream and shit side by side – it looks so hot, I know you’ll love having these as your own now that I’ve made them perfect

Peeing Collection In Japan 2-3

There are lots of pissing scenes of Japanese pretty ladies.

Public Outdoor-pee

On my little jaunt with my convertible and looking for a hot outdoor rotary Location I needed something urgently. So get out into nature and the warm pee running. Oh yeah, that was good as you can see on my hot jet. But the next time you’re lying beneath me and swallow my juice promised?

Get Your Tongue To Work You Jerk Part 4

Girls uses Man