Urck Girls Shitting The Selfs

Mistress Gaia – Delicious Choice

Today, I have your dog bowls ready for you to have your break. Since you have been a good puppy, I’m going to give you a huge lunch, a selection of the biggest shit I have done along with my pee. I’m not sure which one that you would like to begin with, that’s entirely up to you. However, I want you to enjoy the treats I have provided for you. Also, you must make sure you finish everything or I’ll be extremely upset and will have to punish you severely. Buon appetito!!

Porno Casting In The Fick-wg! Part 1! Applicants Pissing Into My Mouth!

Dirty Tina and I had called for a porn casting and 2 men had reported on it. But before we checked their stayer qualities, had one, my first piss in my mouth. Wanted so see that they also can use something. At first he had problems, was his first time, but then he pissed me a tremendous amount in my greedy Mouth! In the video you can also see how much fun we have here in our hot fuck-WG!Who wants to come and visit us sometimes. to a porn casting?

Drown Peeps Drown

After I crushed and destroyed the yellow peeps a few days ago, I thought I was done with the peeps, but everytime I go to the store, there are more of them! Argh! This time I tried to drown the pink ones in my hot golden nectar, but instead, the floated! Even though they made it through, I did push out a huge fart on them toward the end of the video. LOL Damn, I guess the peeps won this round. Anybody have another idea of how I can bring down the peeps???