Urinal Piss Cum

Lady Yuna-monsterload In Your Mouth

You are lying on the floor and I am sitting with my toilet chair directly above your mouth. I shit a monster load directly into your mouth. You have to swallow it, but it is too much for you. But you are enjoying the delicious smell of my shit and your horniness is increasing till you cum.

Mistress Annabelle – Diarrhea For Slave

Mistress Annabelle expect full obedience from her trained toilet slave. She smokes a cigarette and uses the slave’s mouth instead of an ashtray. She fill slave mouth with a torrent of shit and diarrhea and order the toilet to lick and clean her asshole. She spits on the slave and takes the video of a slave’s face full of shit.

A Big Hard One

Dropping a big and hard shit on the floor.

Naked In White Panties Shitting And Pissing

As I stand naked, wearing only a white lace thong in the bath .. it opens my lock and I just shit going on. The shit pushes past the slip and fall on the Badewannnenboden, then I take off my panties, piss on my pile and go naturally get close again 🙂