Ut Poop From Their

Mistress Roberta – Golden Shower And Poop Feeding

Today my slave will get a nice golden shower on his body and after will poop directly in his mouth and gather all the shit that fell on the floor to put it also inside his mouth, also with the latex glove and order him to eat the nice breakfast i gave him holding his head on my foot so he can swallow all, enjoy!

Banana Shit

Are you able to see exactly this banana? It’s completely rotten. Do you know what it reminds me of? Your nasty cock. In my opinion, your cock is ridiculous and rotten too. Here you will see me shitting on the banana, next time your pathetic little cock will have the same treatment!

Pissing In Bikini Slip

I put on my black stockings. About my sexy high heels and a hot bikini slip. And then I’ll pee in the panty, so my champagne down again 😉 comes out perfect for sucking …