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Poop Eating In The Shower! – Part 2

Part 2 – The sweetheart didn’t consume all her feces, instead, she left some for her man! She then smears it all over his body, from his chest down to his cock! Then, she gets down on her knees and begins sucking his dick! Though, she doesn’t spend much time on it, instead, proceeds to defecate again! This time, she catches it with her hands and then serves it into her mouth! After which, she spit swaps it with the guy before swallowing!

Office Lady Harassed By Boss! Part 1

She is being harass by exiting the office earlier than normal hours. Here you will see her boss punching her stomach which makes her squirms and shit herself in fright!!!

Pov – You Are My Toilet For Pee – 01 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 8:50. I want your head under my pussy. You are my toilet slave and my toilet toy. I want to see how you drink my pee and your face is wet from my fluids.

Scat For The Foreigner P2

Now it’s my turn. His mouth is opened wide with a mouth gag. Unfortunately, it comes out only two hard pieces of shit. But not so bad, Lady Grace has shit too. Lady Grace is shtting in their pants and then Lady Angie presents the big pile of shit and put the shit directly on his face. The hole shit covered his face now. I like it to see this slave in such helpless position and press the soft pile of shit a little more on his face. After that Lady Grace gives him a special present directly out of her stomach. She pukes over his body and he begins to moan.