Vicky Vixen Cuckoldfart

Slave’s Lunch Is Piss And Feces!

It is noon and it is time to feed her slave, so this dominatrix urinates and defecates inside a bowl before pulling the man out of his cage! She then orders him to dig in! The guy who is hesitant slowly approaches the container. When his head is directly above it, she suddenly steps on the back of his head and buries his face on her urine and poop! Left with no choice, the victim starts devouring everything, only stopping when he consumes everything that there is!

Huge And Long Breakfast Shit For My Toilet Bitch!

As I have turned you into a human toilet you watch me from your bathroom position below and enjoy your breakfast and show appreciation to your lady 😉Since you are always so hungy for anything that has anything to do with your Goddess, you will devour my shit like it’s a piece of heaven…… And you are not getting only one Portion in this Clip… 😉

Very Very Long Sausage 30cm Shitting

I must very big and long shit!! I go to the toilette and you see my sexy Ass,than i must shitting… long sausage 30cm,than come the next long sausage,oh!! Want you in your mouth slave?


Watch Mistress Esme push out some yummy creamy caviar. Real up close and personal.