Video Gay Shitting

Mistress Anita And Rosella, Punish A Slave!

Mistress Anita and Rosella, educate a slave to the diaper carrier and piss drinkers. The slave had to wear a diaper and should this full pee. Since he did not make it, has, pissed as a punishment, first mistress Anita, the slave on his tail and made the diaper wet! Thereafter, the slave had to put his head in a toilet chair and mistress Rosella has, then pissed him into his slaves mouth. Of course, he had to swallow everything! The mess to clean up, he had, too!!

Swallow My Vomit P2

After the toilet slave is complete filled with shit he is still hosed with cold water, which makes the ladies obviously fun. Then the other toilet slave’s turn. He first gets a few slaps in the face and spit in his face by Lady Catherine and then shits Lady Angie a steaming soft turd in his throat. Then he has to open his mouth wide once more. Lady Grace wants to shit him again quickly in the mouth.

Mistress Rayven Compilation 2 720p

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Shit And Sweets

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