View From Below Pee

Shit In The Glass

Today I’ll show you how I shit in a glass I call her the other crack sausage

Best Shit-smeared Fucking! – Full Movie

Fucking is just fucking until she’s all covered up in her own smelly diarrhea! After shitting in a bowl, the guys put shit on their hands and smears it all over her slutty body! They proceed to fuck her scat-smeared body any way they like – missionary, doggy style, whatever it suits them! Oh, they also make her drink her own shit and piss! Sick!

Mistress Roberta – Morning Shit Hard To Get -pov

This morning you will have to wait a bit for your breakfast but it will be a creamy and delicious one so it woths the wait so get the creamy shit and eat it like a dog from the floor.

Rough Sex & Shit On The Beach!

Couple loves doing it in public, here you will see them at a public beach! See her take a shit before they fuck!