Villagen Women Pee Ssing

Slave With Kv Panties

My sissy and I (Mistress Nycky) spread our slave pig for a nice game. He wanted so much to enjoy KV …. because I had the idea to once a grandmother’s slip in NS to drink and shit really pure …. see what a joy he had.

Bubblebutt Pov Part 1

After being asked so often, here comes my first POV clip:You see my hot round ass right in front of you. I ask you again, if you are really ready to absorb and to swallow everything. I spread my ass cheeks far and show you where this big pile of shit comes out. I wiggle my ass: how much would you like to lick it now! Then finally I take a seat on your face. I spread my buttocks wide and press hard! Sure you can do it? I keep pushing and the first part ends up in your greedy mouth. In addition, a lot of piss comes along. Sip! I keep pushing. Finally done! Come on, go down with it! I get up and hold my ass in your face. Come on, lick me clean! Your tongue is used by me as toilet paper. Be a useful toilet!

Poop-scat From Mistress!

After a session of BDSM Mistress cheered, full of energy and full of strength she defiantly decided to take a shit at the servant that he was used to her fragrant shit and enjoyed the view of chocolate Goodies from firm butt housewife!