Vintage Lesbian Piss And Beer

Lady Joice First Time P3

Now also Lady Joice has crap and looks amused to the toilet slave who tries to swallow again a new portion of fresh shit from another mistress. He can not quickly swallow the second pile of shit. Then Mistress Michelle pees again in the middle of his crap mouth. He swallows the piss and then he tried to swallow the shit of Lady Joice also but it does not work. Lady Joice gives some strokes to the slave with the cane, so that he swallows faster their shit. But he can not swallow it faster and chews only. With the shit in his mouth he must start to build the shelves then.

Mistress Roberta – Hosiery Shitting Then Feeding Slave

Mistress Roberta continue her work. Today she just come back from gym and she is exhausted. She need a massage and a feet worshipping before she feed again her toilet with a suculent meal : her royal Kaviar. She shit inside her pantyhose today, smearing on her toilet face and mouth and push them inside his mouth for a good cleaning after swallowing.

Mega Public Piss Beam! Resting Place – Action 09/08/15

In my Public Roost action at 09/08/15, I am again publicly and slutty Walked at a rest stop in the Ruhr area to make the men hot on me and that they were aware of me. Since I had to pee scary, I just lifted my slutty, super short dress and Pissed in high arc in front of numerous spectators. Was powerful something going on, at the rest stop, by traffic. Then I sat down naked on a bank because it was so warm. This is real and daring Public! What I then pushed still so horny, you see in the kinky videos from this Resting Place- Action where me 30 men fully pissed, and fully injected!

Pushing Old Slave To His Limits Part 5

Here the Young-Dominas abuse an older Slave that visited and of course, first Things first, how many and how much can he tolerate. Part 5 English Subtitles