Vintage Pee Pingtom

Massage Session Shit

Yes you would love to go for a nice sexy massage but instead I believe you deserve shit instead. Let’s skip the massage and go for shit served on a platter for you. You will enjoy every morsel of my hot steamy huge log. I saved up a big turd just for you. Watch as I spread my asshole and squeeze out your meal! Enjoy my pale jiggly Goddess ass of perfection pushing out a thick treat!

Man’s Mouth Is Two Dominatrixes’ Toilet! – Part 1

As soon as this man arrived in the house of the woman, they immediately get on the bed where he proceeds to take off her skirt! He then follows it with rubbing her crotch and then taking off her underwear! However, after which, the lady lays him on his back without warning and then starts urinating on his face and mouth! When she could no longer release anymore, she begins feeding him with her pussy, leaving him with no choice but to orally pleasure her!

Feeding By Shit From A Plate!

Everybody knows that prolonged starvation is very harmful to health. Therefore every day I try to feed my toilet slave. Today I came late from work, but my toilet was already lying on the floor and was waiting for me. At first I did not even notice him and sat down at the table to read the magazine. But right there I have noticed him and have command him come to me on his knees and kiss my legs. He licked my shoes and sucked the heels. I humiliated and laughed at him. He just a toilet for me! Then I took a plate and shit there. This is a fresh delicious dinner for my slave. Later I will feed him, but first he must lick my asshole so that it is clean. I told him to try, otherwise I’ll leave him hungry. He licked my asshole with his tongue and it was very pleasant to me. As an award for his efforts I fed the slave from a fork with my shit. He has eaten all my shit and thanked me. Of course I told him to lick the plate to shine. It is pleasant to me when the slave eats all my shit to the last piece. It makes me a little happy and satisfied. I choose the toilet slave who will be able to swallow of my shit completely and without the rest!

Matilda’s Insane Shit Madness. Forth Camera Raw Footage.

This is footage from forth Camera.Hi everyone, here I am, with a Brand New Video.. I had a lack of time with my institute activities, so didn?t have much possibility to shoot myself, so all my scat activity was in loneliness, mostly with myself. But today I have passed through my last exam and decided to celebrate it with a huge shit fireworks and vomit eruption. In this video I shit, squirt, vomit, piss, almost fist my ass, swallow my shit and doing a lot of other nice things.So, Enjoy.Matilda