Vintage Wife Pisscum

Packed In Foil And Drowned With Piss

The slave skull is wrapped in foil. His face is exposed. Like a waterfall, the piss from the mistress’ grotto shoots directly into the greedy, open slave’s mouth. The head of the slave bathes in the warm piss. The foil is partially closed. The slave has to breathe the air impregnated with piss while the mistress treats the foil with her hands and feet on the slave’s face.

Shitting On Human Toilet’s Face!

Her human toilet is made to accommodate all types of bodily fluid and waste coming from her and she doesn’t hesitate to use it. With him helpless on the floor, she takes off her panties and sits on his face. She makes him lick and suck her juicy cunt. She stands up and places the portable toilet seat above him. She sits on it and pees right into his face. After taking in her piss, he swallows a huge pile of dump coming from her anus. To finish it off, she inserts paper towels inside his mouth to absorb all the scat on his face and mouth.

Smother In My Shit, Slave!

(Video in HD, ignore the GIF’s quality)This is a nice clip. I shit in my slaves mouth in a very close way. Then I literally sit in his mouth squashing and smearing the shit in his all face.For finish, I put the shit in to his mouth with my foot and put it dawn in his troath.Enjoy!

Lick The Shit Off My Feet

Well, you little pig, I dare you to lick my shit fresh off my foot? I know that you’re a small Dreckssau and also would make sure.