Vipissy Anita B And Jessica Rox

2 Mistresses Cooked A Delicious Shit Breakfast For A Slave

2 mistresses cooked a delicious shit breakfast for a slave. Eating from a plate for me is the most difficult (you need to swallow constantly and there is no opportunity to relax), but in the future I want to do this with three girls – it will be very tough! Shit Yana had a stronger smell and smell. The first spoon I ate shit Christina – it’s more familiar to me to taste. Next, I tried to take in a spoon immediately 2 crap to feel a range of flavors – this is the most pleasant with such eating.

Training Of The Toilet Slave P2

The toilet slave comes finally to his job as a toilet. Mistress Michelle urgently needs to shit. The slave is now under the toilet chair and opens his mouth wide. It expects Mistress Michelle. She sits down on the toilet seat and talk to Lady Sandy continued while peeing habitually and then poops. The turd falls deeply in his mouth and soon his mouth is filled up with shit totally and he winds up. These moments are the best for Mistress Michelle.

Meet The Dappun Fast Food Girls!

This is an introduction to what you call SCATOLOGY Fast Food! See these girls freshly delivers you with sweet golden water to start with and a scat burger in your bun! YUMMMMM!