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Finally 3 Days Boiled On The Yacht !!!

Finally, 3rd day … POOP !! For Frank, who wanted hard shit. Quietly, I go up to the yacht … PUPLIK Then I hold the empty box under my Kackloch and it falls into the can with a huge KACKBOLZEN. There’s a lot of PUSSY CREME dripping !!!

Mistress Roberta -pantyhose Shitting And Play Part1

Today i get 2 pair of pantyhose one on myself and one for tieing the cock and balls and right over the neck so i can taunt the slave a bit before feeding and i order to my slave to start kiss my pantyhose all over, fart on his face pee in his mouth and after licking my pantyhose clean and shitting in his head inside pantyhose .

Missy Und Chrissy Education Of A Scateater Day1 P1

Lady Missy and Lady Chrissy call the toilet slave in the room. He is too stupid to just count to three. He has already forgotten the simplest rule to crawl on their knees in the room. Lady Missy does no longer waits and uses these toilet slave. A brief command, and his mouth stands wide open. Now Lady Missy pees firstonce heavily in its mouth. Lady Missys piss is flowing into his mouth and fills up to the top quickly. Now swallow, well behaved, and more. Then Lady Missy begins to shit. Her soft poop plops exactly into in its mouth.

Isabelle Extreme Playing With Her Lovely Scat Slut

Isabelle Extreme playing with her lovely scat slut