Vipissy Two Nurse

Daddy I Have To Shit Now

I start with sucking some really awesome cock like only I can suck a cock! I really work the shaft and suck the balls and focus a lot on the head! Then I climb on reverse cowgirl and start riding! As I’m riding the cock I feel like I have to shit and then I start shitting as I am riding his cock. I don’t stop fucking while I am shitting. I finish shitting and then turn around and for the best dirty hand job with the load I just dropped blowing a huge load!

My New Private Nurse! Part 4

Part 4 – It was her turn to eat, but instead of swallowing her food she gets to feed me some more by chewing it and then spitting it out in my mouth and watering it down with more piss!

One Happy Customer!

DAPPUN Fast Food Restaurant one happy customer has received all his wishes! From inserting tomatoes into our lady’s ass to eating tomato with shit and of course a sweet brown liquid flavored drink!