Vomit And No Pau

Dominated By 3 Mistresses – Foot Slave Must Eat Shit And Puke

Before his life begins as our toilet, he has to massage my girlfriends feet. Lick the dirt away under shoes. He gets strict instructions from me. He is humiliated and laughed at. Of course he pays for it. Then his hard trip begins. He has to sign promissory notes in front of the camera. And everything, really everything that falls into his mouth chewing and swallowing! I shit and piss him several times in the mouth! Everything that actually belongs in a toilet ends up in his mouth. Shit, piss, snot, ashes, toilet paper! I even puke him in the mouth. He is loudly driven to swallow everything. Even as an ashtray his mouth must serve and eat the ashes. He has nothing left but to obey.

Mistress Roberta – Hosiery Shitting Then Feeding Slave

Mistress Roberta continue her work. Today she just come back from gym and she is exhausted. She need a massage and a feet worshipping before she feed again her toilet with a suculent meal : her royal Kaviar. She shit inside her pantyhose today, smearing on her toilet face and mouth and push them inside his mouth for a good cleaning after swallowing.

Dirty Anal Pudding

Sexy latina gives you her pudding

Kv Ns Shit In The Other Algae Or …

is that even possible? Since I have naked, clothed me with a white string, placed in the tub :: -) And then, then I let it all just run … First I have my NS let free .. my KV did not take long to be .. but it look easy on yourself 🙂