Vomit Cat On Girl

Broken Toilet 35 – Tongue Ass Orgasm

You have seen me reach orgasm in videos before but NEVER this INTENSE & LOUD! I don’t usually show such intense & multiple orgasms where I moan, groan and squeal vocally. But this was such high levels of continued pleasure that it eventually reach a point where I couldn’t lay still anymore. Even waving my arms around at one stage as it felt like I was having an orgasm with my entire body. My slave had to stop at some point for me to catch my breath for a few seconds!Laying on my side I took a massive shit in his mouth. He swallowed most of it but it was such a large volume of thick & juicy shit sliding out of my ass that he simply couldn’t keep up.Now, you know when you pushed out a MASSIVE shit you sometimes get it that it’s like you can’t stop pushing? EXACTLY what happened today! So my slave took advantage of the situation to turn my uncontrollable pushing into orgasms (what I call “Anal-Gasms”) It’s when you reach a certain arousal level from your outer and inner anal muscles being stimulated by someone thrusting his / her tongue up your ass into the entry of your rectum right after a big shit.Knowing he is pushing his tongue through my shit into my rectum and he is tasting that horrible taste of my bowel movement only intensified my pleasure. It caused me to have several multiple orgasms. These feels very different because the contractions start from your asshole & rectum working it’s waves of pleasure through to your vagina. Spreading from there through your lower body and if the stimulation is kept up your ENTIRE body.It’s extremely satisfying! You’ll see my vagina swelling & getting soaking wet right in front of your eyes (without any vaginal & clitoral stimulation) Fluids eventually start leaking from my vagina but the best is for last. In crisp & crystal clear video view you’ll see a close up of my messy ass and you’ll notice a yellowish / brownish “slime” (Quite a lot of it actually)That is a mixture of his saliva and my rectal secretions that build up in my rectum while he was tongue fucking my ass through my shit. It was eventually pushed out of my asshole from the intense multiple orgasm contractions.I included this for you to show you it really IS possible for us women to enjoy scat & toilet slavery to a point where we can get very satisfying orgasms. I kept cumming and I LOVED every second of it. You can fake many things including orgasm but you can’t fake vaginal & rectal secretions leaking & pumping out of you when you cum this hard!By far my dirtiest, most messy and erotic video to date xoxo

5-day Slip Throughpissen For Roland, Outdoor

A horny, malicious desire! Only 5 days leave my creamy, wet pussy marks, then pissing beautiful and …. here I am already naked, show you the signs of wear in the panties. Then I put it on and piss for ages. Rub your hands between my legs. It drips in streams through the panties. In the end, I take it off and hold it under your nose, the horny part

Horny Monica Yawns & Heap

Monica had erotic dreams! He woke her belly pain. Eva sleepy yawns, go have sex, her pussy hot, heap pressure! Ooohhh is a beautiful big chunk what a relief!!!!