Vomit Choke Finger

Lady Missy – Gardentoilet P1

Lady Missy is together with her girlfriend in her garden shed. Unfortunately, there is no toilet. For that service Lady Missy has a toilet slave but he is to late. She is angry and calls the slave. When the slave arrives she has to pee and use the mouth of the toilet slave. Then she relaxe and smoke a cigarette together with her girlfriend and use the slave the second time as a human toilet.

Sissy Boy Received A Scatfull In His Mouth! – Full Movie

Nothing less than foul-smelling feces can get my motor running. Last night my Mistress ate a lot of seafood and today she will unload all to me! So I eagerly awaits for my Mistress to shit on my face so I can have a taste of it. Her buttcheeks are smeared with sticky shit, but I don’t care. I bury my face on it and lick the feces off her ass.

Under Her Butt Workout

Here our Man is up for Duty under her Butt. See how he does . English Subtitles